2016 Treasure Lake Car Show Results

Car Classifications 1st Place 2nd Place
A. Antique Cars 1900-1950 Dave Walk
B. Stock Cars to 1951 George & Norma Shaffer
C. Stock Cars 1952 to 1962 Dave Thorwart John Kerchinski
D. Stock Cars 1963 to 1985 Larry Williams Denny McGill
E. Stock Cars 1986 to Present Fran Rosana Bob Jaconski
F. Modified Cars to 1960 Jim Singer Jerry Ferragine
G. Modified Cars 1961 to 1970 Larrie Jacobs Bob & Carol Lininger
H. Modified Cars 1971 to 1990 Rick Sabol Charlie Allender
I. Modified Cars 1991 to Present Sue Foster Mark Fehrenbach
J. Stock Trucks to 1980 Denny Larrera Tom Kechinski
K. Stock Trucks 1981 to Present John Lenhart
L. Modified Trucks to 1960  Tim Kerchinski Bob Fleck
M. Modified Trucks 1961 to 1980 James Hackler Ron Celinski
N. Modified Trucks 1981 to Present Fred Koppenhaver Brian Allen
O. Street Rods to 1940 Charlie Haugh David Radaker
P. Street Rods 1941 to Present N/A
Q. Asian Stock 1900 to Present Peggy Davis
R. Asian Modified 1900 to Present Brandon Thomassy Howard Fielding
S. British Import 1900 to Present Dennis Magee Teri Kakabadze
T. British Modified 1990 to Present N/A
U. European Import 1900 to Present Joe Whitton Susan Brian
V. European Modified 1900 to Present N/A
W. Motorcycles 1900 to 1987 N/A
X. Motorcycles 1988 to Present Scott Robillard
Y. Special Interest Bruce Davies Philip Kakabadze
Best in Show Joe Whitton
John E. Dubois Award Jim Singer
Ronald McDonald Award Dave Walk
Furthest Traveled John Lenhart
Most Mileage John Lenhart

2018 Treasure Lake Car Show Countdown

September 2nd, 2018

Treasure Lake Events & Recreation Office

814-371-0711 ext. 903