2015 Car Show Results

A-Antique 1900-1950 Clara and Bob Taylor Paul Vrielynck
B-Stock Cars to 1951 George Schaffer
C-Stock Cars 1952 to 1962 Bill Burchelter* Bill Faulson
D-Stock Cars 1963 to 1985 Bob Byrne Chad Neese
E-Stock Cars 1986 to Present David Johe Glenn Challingsworth
F-Modified Cars to 1960 Doug Boyer Bill McElroy
G-Modified Cars 1961 to 1970 Don Sewalsih Joe Cesa
H-Modified Cars 1971 to 1991 Rick Sabol*
I-Stock Trucks to 1980 Brandon Taylor Mike Fehrenback
J-Stock Truck to 1980 Don Sewalish Carl Swope
K-Stock Trucks 1981 to Present Terry Shannon Jason Baumgartner
L-Modified Trucks to 1960 Randy Clark
M-Modified Trucks 1961 to 1980 Ron Celinski James Hackler
N-Modified Trucks 1981 to Present Brian Allen Scott Robillard*
O-Street Rods to 1940 Harry Cunningham Ron Lyons
S-British Import 1900 to Present Dennis Magee Teri Kakabadze
U-European Import Joe Whitton Dave Moaelli
W-Special Interest Ed Leigey III Jake Shannon
Best of Show Brandon Taylor Dodge-SRT-4
John E. DuBois Don Sewalsih 1953 Ford F-100
Ronald McDonald House Bill McElroy 1956 Chevy 210
Furriest Traveled John Lenhart Chevy C-1500(543,455)
Cat Award(Higest Milage) John Lenhart Chevy C-1500(543,455)

2019 Treasure Lake Car Show Countdown

September 1st, 2019
6 months to go.

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